Name of The Scandal: Rodrigo Tabata

The 8.5 million Euro flash summer signing of Brazilian Rodrigo Tabata to Beşiktaş from Gaziantepspor, is once again centre stage of a scandal.

The new chairman of Santos, Luis Alvaro De Oliveira Riberio, has said in a shock statement that the attacking midfielder who previously played for the club when he was in Brazil is their player as no transfer fee from Gaziantepspor was received for the player.

The Brazilian attacking midfielder who has not come up with the goods for Be?ikta? is currently listed as a Santos player in the official website of the Brazilian football association. However in the official wbsite of the TFF (Turkish Football federation) Rodrigo Tabata is listed as a Be?ikta? player.

The newly elected Santos chairman has blamed the incident on the previous chairman, Marcelo Texeira, by saying there was corruption. Texeira defended himself by stating that Tabata’s selling rights are owned by Santos and Gaziantepspor, and that any transfer fee made by the Gaziantepspor should be shared equally with Santos.

Santos have applied to FIFA to resolve the issue Santos have faxed both the TFF and Gaziantepspor over the issue but as there has been no progress on the scandal, Santos have applied to FIFA to resolve the issue. The Be?ikta? chairman, Yildirim Demiroren, has also been widely criticised by the 8.5 million transfer fee, which was widely accepted to be much more then the players real worth as Tabata had no European experience and had only played in the Turkey Super League for 1 season.

The extensive fee topped by very poor performances by the Brazilian midfielder and Be?ikta? has put further pressure on Demiroren who was recently elected for the third consecutive time as chairman. The latest of many scandals that have already shadowed the player since his high profile transfer from Gaziantepspor to Be?ikta? is bound to cause further headache for Yildirim Demiroren. All three parties are now waiting for FIFA’s reply.

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