American Idol Casey James & Kara Flirt

The start of the Live Shows of American Idol started slow and dull this week with many of the contestants getting hammered by the judges for the exact thing they told them to do.

The final 24 contestants in the Live stage of the American Idol were told by the judges to try be original and not just a cover for the songs they were going to sing.

So that is exactly what the contestants did, “make the song their own” like the judges constantly state. However the only problem is that non of the judges actually really like any of the performances.

The most interesting and eye catching moment of Tuesdays and Wednesdays American Idol episodes was the flirting between Casey James and Judge Kara.

Even the favourite to win, Andrew Garcia could not come up with the good as all 4 judges disliked his performace on Wednesday.

I guess It’s most difficult on our Andrew though, as he has so much to live up to, especially with his staggering performance in the Hollywood stage of the American Idol.

However much American Idol is a very watched program, it needs to put it’s chin up and walk ahead of the show stealing hooliganism and do the shows concentrating on the actual singing.

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